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“From the heart of a real, humble missionary comes a trumpet blast to remind us that if God’s grace is sufficient to save US, it must also be sufficient to save THEM. His grace did not stop with OUR salvation, nor does it even pause within OUR sanctification, but it powers forward to the WORLD’S evangelization. Herein, Carlos Llambes properly connects Sola Gratia to Soli Deo Gloria.”

Pastor Hoyt Lovelace, PhD

President, Global Church Planting Partners

“This book is worthy of your consideration because it is written, not by theoreticians, but by practitioners. Carlos and Lily Llambes, along with their children, serve on the front lines of advancing the gospel in a difficult place. It has a ring of authenticity that cannot be ignored. If you care about making Jesus Christ known among the nations, read this book.”

Pastor Tom Ascol, PhD

Executive Director, Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, Florida,Founders Ministries

“The book has already been used of God to convict me and encourage me that His grace is more than sufficient in my own life. It’s easy to get discouraged being a pastor of a tiny, seemingly lifeless church. But God’s grace is enough; it brings life to every area it touches. Thankfully, there is not area that it does not touch!”

Pastor Hopson Boutot

PhD candidate in preaching, SBTS., Belmar Baptist Church

From Amazon Readers…

Awesome read. The Real Deal.

Carlos explains the means of grace in the gospel and our responsibility. “Grace means that God moves heaven and earth to save sinners who are not able lift a finger to save themselves. It has been a part of His plan since before the beginning of time.”
He allows us to walk with him on His journey through the grace of God in missions, by challenging us to leave our comfort zones. He asks pointed questions to challenge us not to be comfortable, but to be about God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will. Chase God on your knees is what Carlos challenges us to do, well he challenges me to do. I fall so short in ministry and I am thankful for a brother who cares enough to challenge the status quo and call people out of the pews and motivates them to ministry, no matter where it takes them. May God bless you as you read this one Missionary families journey through the rocky road of life with an amazingly awesome God who provides, even through storms.


God’s Grace – Pass It On

In the past, I have primarily connected God’s Grace with the story of the cross and the suffering and death of Jesus to provide eternal life for believers. But, in their book, “Living the Great Commission”, the Llambes explain that God’s Grace is not just about what He has already done … God’s Grace is on-going and active TODAY, especially through the power of His Holy Spirit working in us! In church planting, Carlos and Liliana and their children have experienced this in their own lives. So, I want to thank them for this book that expands one’s definition and understanding of God’s Grace to now include Him being there to love and empower us to be brave enough to pass on His Grace to our neighbors – even if it means we must leave our comfort zones. I encourage you to read “Living the Great Commission”. I promise its’ message will strengthen you to obey His call in your own life!

Cathy D.Dudley

Encouraging and helpful

This is not a theoretical lecture from a blackboard professor. It isn’t about permission, approval, money, or education. We already have everything needed to plant churches. Let’s get to work…

A. Mealer

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